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New Research Supports Preventative Care

Researchers set out to study the effects of preventative chiropractic care following an intensive one-month treatment plan for patients suffering from nonspecific low-back pain. After receiving 12 treatments over a month period of time, low-back pain patients received either further chiropractic care every 3 weeks for 9 additional months or no further chiropractic care. It should be noted that both pain and disability levels improved during the initial 12 treatments in both groups. The group receiving the preventative chiropractic care every 3 weeks after their initial 12 treatments were able to maintain their one-month post treatment disability scores – those scores after their initial 12 treatments. Those who did not continue to receive chiropractic care after the initial one-month of treatments reverted back to disability scores prior to the initial 12 treatments.

Source: JMPT. October 2004; Vol. 27, No. 8.