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Chiropractic Care May Benefit Multiple Sclerosis Patients

A recent case study suggests chiropractic care may not only reduce the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), but may also reverse the progression of the disease. The study followed a 47 year-old female who was first diagnosed with MS at age 44. MRI radiographs revealed Multiple Sclerosis plaquing - a specific sign of MS. Since the diagnosis, her symptoms had progressively worsened prior to initiating chiropractic care. After four months of chiropractic care, all symptoms of MS had resolved. The patient continued chiropractic care for two years and remained symptom free. Two follow-up MRI's demonstrated no new plaque formation, but more surprising, revealed a reduction in the original plaquing. In this particular case, the primary therapy was chiropractic adjustments involving the upper cervical (neck) region.

The results suggest chiropractic care may be beneficial in the co-management of patients with MS and may stimulate a reversal in the progression of Multiple Sclerosis in some patients.

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Source: Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research - May 2001, V